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PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Bulk Rolls - Au Naturel

PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Bulk Rolls - Au Naturel

  • $ 47.19

PerformTex incorporates the latest developments and innovations in therapeutic taping technology into a high quality, low-priced kinesiology tape. The cutting-edge adhesive incorporates a patented twin-groove pattern that wicks moisture and sweat away faster, improving breathability and reducing skin irritation. Another outstanding feature is the opposing sine wave "pressure diamond" pattern incorporated into the tape. This patented pattern creates pressure variations beneath the skin that contribute to deeper penetration into the underlying fascial layers. This results in increased therapeutic benefits from each application. PerformTex kinesiology tape can be used for sports injuries, joint pain, muscle pain, overuse injuries, muscle tightness or spasms and recovery after surgery. PerformTex Kinesiology Tape combines high quality and great value in economical bulk rolls that are 115 feet long, 10 feet longer than industry standard. Each roll can be used for 80 or more average applications. The box acts as a convenient dispenser, keeping tape protected until use.

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