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Laundry Pack - Control Infectious Diseases

Laundry Pack - Control Infectious Diseases

  • $ 49.99

Shower and Clense like the pros! Eliminate the Superbugs.

To stop the spread of a MRSA outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control recommends showering after practice and games, not sharing towels or equipment, washing uniforms after every use and washing hands frequently.

You cannot catch a torn ACL but just a small amount of prevention can go miles to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Your Laundry Pack includes:

3 - Gatorade "G" Towels - Persoanlized with your uniform number, 100% cotton, 24" x 42"

5 - 2Toms Sports Deterent, 2 oz Packet

10 - Hibistat Antiseptic Hibiclens Antimicrodermal Skin Antiseptic Wipes


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